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Through guided meditations and exercises I will guide you to experience the stress free and perfect space of stillness within you. This is the space of true potential, true love and true peace. This is your identity. From this space life flows spontaneously and beautifully and as per the divine plan.

1) I AM Meditation Consciousness is the source and substance of all manifestations. This is the ground of all being. It is the only power and presence. We are this Consciousness (there is nothing else) but the mind prevents us from recognizing and living this truth.

Just like how a movie screen allows all images, whether it is sad/ happy, violent/peaceful without it being impacted by the images, our true being also perceives all thoughts, emotions and body sensations without being impacted or burdened by it. We are this space which is untouchable. When this is realized and lived, life flows harmoniously from this space of pure potential

I AM meditation enables you to see that you are the perceive of all thoughts, feelings and body sensations and not the object of suffering. By false identification with thought we suffer, by true oneness with the I AM we gain back our peace and strength

The Meditation Programs in Bangalore helps you let go the falsity and seeing the light that is eternally present

2) Heart Meditation

The mind is duality, it moves to the past or future, it constantly compares, judges and creates a feeling of separation. It is constantly grasping or rejecting, liking or disliking and it is never in the now.

The spiritual heart is unconditional love, oneness and truth. The heart is always in the present moment and it is the source of clarity and love

With the mind we think our life and with the heart we experience our life. The mind has to serve the heart but unfortunately most people are driven by the mind and the heart is ignored.

In this meditation you will be guided to your heart and you will experience life directly without the medium of the mind.

3) Pointing Exercises

Douglas Harding developed a series of experiments which enable to see who we really are. It is a radicle and powerful method of self-inquiry. The experiments guide your attention inwards to the core of your being. This “in seeing” is simple and straightforward

These methods can be used while walking, sitting, watching TV etc., i.e. it is meditation in the midst of activity The exercises help in seeing and experiencing our true self, seeing through stress, solving problems and resolving Conflicts and developing harmonious relationships. For more details on these exercises visit

4) Purifying  the mind through the senses

In this meditation you will be guided to pure seeing, pure hearing, pure tasting, pure feeling and pure smelling. This is very helpful in calming the mind, experiencing oneness and to develop an attitude of letting life flow.

5) Spontaneous and Free Living

In this meditation you will experience how to let go of the rigidity of the mind and let life flow from a higher dimension of consciousness.  Our true nature is unlimited freedom and this can be seen in little children. We have not lost this freedom it is only masked by the constant activity of the mind

When this meditation is practiced over a period of time, all activities like work and taking care of family continue to happen like before but without the stress. When action needs to be taken you will feel an intuitive impulse and will be prompted to do it. This is indeed our true life. We can leave all old patterns of struggle and worry and move with trust and peace

These are a few of the meditations that are taught in the workshops.

Advanced Meditations

The Dream Experiment by Galen Sharp

Demystifying the “I” or “ME”

No world out there , it is all in you (Consciousness)


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