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Monthly Meditation and Emotional Healing Classes

Duration – 1 hour, twice a week, Weekends ( 8 classes in a month)

These classes will teach you practical spiritual methods which will help in:
1) Calming the mind and experiencing peace which is actually our natural state.
2) Enjoying the NOW and allowing life, newness and solutions to unfold from the NOW
3)  A practical method of healing difficult emotions like anger, sadness , fear etc. Negative emotions are inevitable but suffering is optional. With this method you will have a practical spiritual tool in hand to heal emotions as soon as they arise.
4) Last but most important a meditation that will help us recognize our oneness with our Source /God/ Consciousness which allows life to unfold from grace rather then from regret or worry created by the mind.
Schedule – Saturday and Sunday – 8:30 am to 9:30 am
Fee: Rs 2000 per month ( 8 classes)
If you would you like to attend please email me at .
Please write to me if you would like to attend a free introductory session

Feedback from students
  • I would use just 2 words to describe the ” I am” meditation, Powerful and Effective.
    This very simple practice has had profound positive effects on my life. Despite being a novice to meditation, I felt so calm and peaceful on the inside after attending just one trial class. Heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Susitha, for her regular guidance, support and encouragement which comes in various forms- personal interactions after class, follow up emails/phone calls/messages through the week, or regular video uploads on YouTube. Personally, I have seen and felt a gradual transformation in myself. I am beginning to get over incessantly worrying, being negative and insecure and gradually becoming someone who is beginning to trust in the infinite power and wisdom of universe through this meditation. I have felt the emotional healing potential of this meditation on negative emotions that were bottled up over the years.Personally, I feel a lot more balanced, positive and calm. A feeling that no words can do justice to. Just experiencing it after battling negativity for so many years is a blessing. – Nishali
  • While I had difficulty getting out bed of this morning, my husband asked me, “Why do you go there?”, referring to my meditation class. I told him that it helps me clear my mind, keep my focus, brings perspective to me and enriches my life. That’s when I realized that it does all this and more. It really is a journey and probably one of the best investments I made in myself. It helps centre my being. I just love it. “Its everything I never knew I always wanted!” – Dhaarini

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