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Hello and welcome. I would like to share in brief some details about myself and my spiritual journey.I started my journey with Reiki and then attended various courses on Healing, Mind Power and Authentic Living. I also explored Mantras and Hindu rituals. I then came across Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) which was one of the turning points in my life.I am an engineer by qualification and worked in the software industry for many years. I was deeply interested in the area of Healing and Self-Empowerment. I had a strong calling to study and understand the inner power that is within us. I followed my deep conviction that human beings have immense potential and unearthing that potential can bring lasting joy, peace and success.

With Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) I was able to overcome many negative emotions and gained a healthy self-esteem. I quit my job in the software industry and followed my inner calling. I taught this technique to many people through my workshops. I also helped many people through one on one Skype and in person sessions.

Susitha Reddy - Founder and Facilitator

Susitha Reddy – Founder and Facilitator

Many people benefited myself included. However I did notice that some of the life problems kept coming back. I felt like there were periods of fulfillment and success followed by periods of challenges and pain. I realized that there must be something more than just healing and self-improvement techniques. Something more than just becoming a better human being. Something which will help me be free from the constant ups and downs. I realized that maybe I need to change the direction of my search.

At that time in the middle of a difficult challenge I read some lines in Deepak Chopra’s book which changed in my life, the lines were “According to Vedanta, there are five reasons why humans suffer the first is not knowing who we are

The words felt very true to me and I started exploring meditation. I explored non duality and The Infinite Way. I read many books and listened to hours and hours of audio talks to deepen my understanding of who I really am. After a long period of searching, contemplating, meditation and realization I am now ready to share my learning with you.

The knowing of who I am has helped and I feel divine grace in my life. I have let go of the struggle and strife and I now allow my life to unfold. It is truly an effortless way of living. I now feel deep rest, fulfillment and completeness.

I would like to thank Galen Sharp for his teaching and guidance. I would also like to thank all the teachers who helped me, through their books, audios and videos, in these years of seeking. It was a lonely journey but their words and light helped me go through with it. A heart felt thank you to Deepak Chopra, Mooji, Rupert Spira, Nukunu Larsen, Paul Gorman, Peter Dzuiban and Goran Backlund whose writings have helped me. Thanks to teachers who have passed on but are here in spirit  Herb Fitch, Joel Goldsmith, Ramana Maharishi, Osho, J Krishnamurthy, Papaji, Ramesh Balsekar, Douglas Harding and Wei Wu Wei.

I welcome you to this beautiful journey and I will be happy to facilitate the seeing and experiencing of your true self.

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