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Corporate Programs

Meditation for stress management
The mind that is the “Now” is stress free and allows a person to work to his/her optimum capacity. However for most people the mind is racing to the future or the past. This constant habit of the mind to run to the future causes anxiety and worry and is counter productive.
Employees will be taught meditation which allows the mind to rest in the now. This instantly relaxes a person and enhances the work capability


Handling Emotions
Emotions are a natural part of our lives. However some emotions like anger, anxiety and sadness when left unresolved cause distress and suffering. First the person suffers and then either in a subtle or in a big way it impact the rest of the team, client handling and decision making.


It is important for employees to be aware of methods to handle to emotions and to be free of them

The following three kinds of programs are available

  • One Day Programs
  • Weekend Retreats
  • Regular classes at the work place


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