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The Power of Consciousness

What is Consciousness?

* Consciousness is the only source, power, life and substance of all forms of life including the body, mind and the world.

* Consciousness is the cause and source of everything that is perceived by the senses.

* Consciousness is beyond space time and has no objective qualities. It is experienced as peace, spaciousness, love and a feeling of trust. That one source which is empty of physical attributes manifests as infinite forms.

* You and I are that one Consciousness individualized.


The Power of Consciousness 

* The only REAL improvement or change in our life, can come by recognizing oneness with our source, it will not come by dabbling in the world of outer effects or running after goals. A tree can be healthy only if its roots are strong and healthy, similarly we can be truly fulfilled by finding and nurturing our spiritual identity.

* The more peace and love you feel within the more peace and love in you experience in your world

* As you experience oneness with your source, life flows from a higher energy and brings in healing and many blessings


The Power of NOW

* If you observe your thoughts you will notice that they are either focusing on the past or are in the future. Can real power be present in the past ? or in the future? or in the NOW?

* We know intuitively that life can only experienced now not in the past or future. How much of your energy are you investing in the NOW? How can change come in life if keep “Thinking life” instead of “Living life”


Meditations at Samartha

* Meditations taught at Samartha will help purify your consciousness and experience inner peace, joy and love.  As you practice these meditations you will experience deep inner change and soon the results will show in your outer life too.

* You will also learn ways to transcend the mind and be in the NOW. With this life flows spontaneously.

* With these meditations you will move from emotions like fear, anxiety and regret to trust, peace and love

* All meditations are very practical and can be integrated into daily life. All that is needed to experience the benefits is an open mind



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