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Only Consciousness Is and you are that one infinite presence and power

Consciousness is the source and substance of all creation from the smallest grain of sand to the largest galaxy. Consciousness is the only presence (omnipresence) and you and I are one with this presence and power.

Consciousness is also referred as God, Brahman, Divine source etc but all these names point to the same truth.

Aham Branasmi ( I AM THAT) - Upanishads

This is the truth conveyed by all the scriptures including the Upanishads, Bhagavad Geetha and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The cause of all our problems are not realizing our true nature and identity. 

Our true identity is Consciousness

You and me are not separate individuals who need to struggle and make life work. We are the ONE Consciousness individualized as many. We are the one infinite power leading unique and different lives through different body minds. This truthful identity is our true power and this realization brings grace into our lives. If you are drawn to discovering who you are, grace has already entered your life.

That thou art. ("You are Brahman") Tat Tvam Asi - Upanishads

Each of us is here to discover our true Self…
that essentially we are spiritual beings
who have taken manifestation in physical form…
that we‘re not human beings that have occasional spiritual experiences…
that we’re spiritual beings that have occasional human experiences. Deepak Chopra


The purity of your Consciousness determines the quality of your life and experiences

The purer your Consciousness the more harmonious, peaceful and abundant is your experience.  As a conditioned reflex we tend to solve problems at the external level and we have seen that the results are short lived. We also seek love and gratification from the external world and this keeps us oscillating between states of happiness and despair.

True love, peace, harmony, happiness and freedom is within us and not outside of us. When we find the love within us, the people around us are drawn to us because of the love and peace we radiate.  Also problems are solved in a harmonious manner. Just like how darkness disappears in the presence of light, the light of your Consciousness dispels all that is not good for you. With your new recognized awareness life moves with trust and spontaneousnity.

This does not mean that life will necessarily flow as per the ego's wants and desires but whatever unfolds will be for your highest good. You have to trust that God knows what is best for you.

"Control of Consciousness determines the quality of life" - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi - Flow


Spontaneous Non Volitional Living or Free Living is true living

God/Consciousness has a unique plan for each of us. When we let go of our regid identity with our body, our past and our projected future we fall into the arms of grace. We are one with the entire universe. In this oneness actions do not arise from a separate "me" but arise as an impulse or an intuitive feeling through a mind/body which is one with the whole of creation. Worries and regrets disappear, actions arise from a higher energy

"Events happen, deeds are done, but there is no individual doer thereof" - Buddha

The meditations and methods taught are direct and simple.  The methods will make you realize your true identity  and this will enable you to live your true life. It does take time for the old conditioned way of the mind to change but the truth of the pointings will be realized immediately.

All that is needed is an open mind and willingness to discover your truthful being and life.

Wishing you many blessings in this wonderful journey


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