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  • Samartha Focus

    Meditation, Emotional wellness centre in bangalore, bengaluru

    To help people discover love,peace, happiness, fulfillment and strength through meditations and spiritual methods of inner growth. The methods taught have been studied by the founder over many years with various spiritual masters. The methods are practical and effective.

  • Meditation to discover happiness

    Meditation, Emotional wellness centre in bangalore, bengaluru

    Happiness is our true nature. It is veiled by emotions like sadness and anxiety. Learn to release and let go of negative emotions which dis empower you.Learn meditations and methods to unlock the natural happiness in you.

  • Spiritual Problem Solving

    Meditation, Emotional wellness centre in bangalore, bengaluru

    Vedanta says the cause of all problems is not knowing your true spiritual identity. We live like separate isolated beings and struggle to make life work.It is the forgetting of our oneness with our source which is the cause of all problems. Once this recognition of true identity happens, life flows from a higher energy and we are able to solve problems in the best manner.

  • The power of now

    Meditation, Emotional wellness centre in bangalore, bengaluru

    The NOW is the space of true potential and true action. If you observe your day you will notice that most of the time your attention is in the past or the future, which is accompanied by emotions like regret or anxiety/worry. The NOW is very powerful, learn meditations to access the power of now. Learn to enjoy and live life from the NOW not from thinking and memory.

  • Meditations Approach

    Meditation, Emotional wellness centre in bangalore, bengaluru

    The meditations and methods taught at Samartha are practical and effective.Meditation has a profound impact of peace on a person and brings about changes in all aspects of life like work, relationships and emotional weelbeing. You will be taught true meditation which is simple and effortless.

The purity of your Consciousness determines the quality of your life and experiences

Consciousness also referred as God, Brahman, Divine source is the source and substance of all creation from the smallest grain of sand to the largest galaxy. Consciousness is the only presence (omnipresence) and you and I are one with this presence and power.

At Samartha you will learn to experience the Omnipresence and omnipotence of Consciousness through inquiry and meditations.

You and me are not separate individuals who need to struggle and make life work. We are the ONE Consciousness individualized as many. We are the one infinite power leading unique and different lives through different body minds. This truthful identity is our true power and this realization brings grace into our lives.

At Samartha you will learn the “I AM” meditation which help you immediatly recognize that you are not a limited being but you are the ONE consciousness individualized as a unique expression

The purer your Consciousness the more harmonious, peaceful and abundant is your experience. True love, peace, harmony, happiness and freedom is within us and not outside of us. When we find the love within us, the people around us are drawn to us because of the love and peace we radiate.  Also problems are solved in a harmonious manner. Just like how darkness disappears in the presence of light, the light of your Consciousness dispels all that is not good for you. With your new recognized awareness life moves with trust and spontaneity.

At Samartha you will also learn methods that you help you purify your consciousness. The methods can be implemented amidst your daily activities like walking,  doing daily chores and traveling. As you practice these methods you will notice more peace,love and harmony in your life.

The NOW is very powerful and it is space of peace and direct action. However you may notice that most of the time the mind is engaged in thoughts of the past or future. How can something new come into life if we are always preoccupied with the past or future?

At Samartha learn methods and meditations to be in the NOW and live life from peace and trust rather than fear, regret or anxiety. When we are in the NOW life unfolds as per God’s divine plan for us.

Meditation is a practise of recognizing our unity with the divine. It also allows an individual to understand the nature of thoughts and the nature of the mind. This understanding makes one a master of the mind, instead of being its slave.

With meditation you will stay grounded in the NOW which is the space for newness, love, peace and creative action.


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